Breed Information


The curly  is well suited as a family pet.   They are slow in maturing, their temperament is kind and affectionate.  They are easily trained and and have a desire to please, love to be praised and genuinely want to be part of the family.   The curly is devoted to its owner and all members of the family.    They are not a barking dog, but will protect when required.    Having a very deep bark along with being a large strong dog,  unwarranted intruders are stopped in their tracks.

The curly coated retriever excels as a sporting dog because of their endurance, nose and intelligence (being able to remember the fall of a bird or game).    The curly is always eager and capable of retrieving anything which is shot for them.    In the water they are extremely strong, able  to dive below the surface and retrieve from underwater.    As puppies the curly are very keen swimmers and derive great pleasure from the water.   

The curly is very independent, has a unique sense of humour, and these are the traits which ensure owners become their devoted companions.



General Appearance:   Strong, Smart, Upstanding dog, showing activity, endurance and intelligence.

Body:   Well sprung ribs, not too long in the loin, good depth of brisket, as little tucked up in flank as possible.

Head and Skull:   Long & well proportioned flat skull, Jaws long and strong but not inclined to snipiness.  Nose black in black coated variety, with wide nostrils.

Eyes:  Black or Brown, but not ‘gooseberry’ – rather large but not too prominent.

Ears:  Rather small, set on low, lying close to the head and covered with short curls.

Mouth:   Teeth strong and level.

Neck:  mmoderately long, and free from throatiness.

Forequarters:  Shoulders should be very deep, muscular and well laid back.

Hindquarters:  Strong and muscular, hocks low to the ground with good bend to stifle and hock.

Feet:   Round and compact with well-arched toes.

Tail:  Moderately short, carried fairly straight and covered with curls, tapering towards the point.  Gay tail not desirable.

Coat:  Should be one mass of small crisp curls all over.   Being the main characteristic of the breed, great consideration should be paid to it when making judging awards.

Gait:  Covering plenty of ground with drive.

Colour:   Black or Liver 

Height:  Dogs 69.58cm (27’’) Bitches 63.60 cm (25 ’’ (At shoulder)

Weight: Dogs 36.288kg(80lbs)  Bitches31.752kg(70 lbs)

Faults:   Wide Skull, light eyes, curled tail and bad movement.


Contact Details

Jane Kibble and Melinda Naughton
Stawell or Taradale, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0401 138 905
Email : [email protected]